Diamond League: Can Neeraj Chopra win

Diamond League: Can Neeraj Chopra win? Grand Finale 2022

Whenever Neeraj Chopra steps out onto the field, it’s like he’s about to create history. Every time he requires Chopra to step out, it seems as if a medal is guaranteed. And now today, he stands on the cusp of yet more history as we approach the Zurich Diamond League final. Diamond League: Can Neeraj Chopra win grand finale?

The final is today, on Thursday, September 8, 2022.

How did Neeraj Chopra make it?

Diamond League: Can Neeraj Chopra win
Neeraj Chopra, credits Instagram.

 The simple qualifying criteria in this event was to go past 85 meters Neeraj Chopra achieved that in the Lausanne diamond league. He became the first Indian to win a diamond league event, and because of that, Neeraj Chopra has made the trip to Zurich.

His participation, even in Zurich and Lausanne, was not confirmed. Because after the World Championships in Eugene, Oregon, what happened was Neeraj Chopra sustained a groin injury. That groin injury forced him to miss the Commonwealth Games in Birmingham and AFI had put out a statement stating that ” Neeraj Chopra’s season was over”.
However, Neeraj Chopra uploaded a video when he was doing some very intense drills, and that forced AFI to reconsider. If medically cleared, then and only then would he be allowed to participate.

He cleared the medical test, and Neeraj Chopra then won the Diamond League in Lausanne, making him the first Indian to win the title. Furthermore, he is now in the Zürich diamond.

Has Neeraj Chopra’s ever reached the Diamond League final before? He had reached the final in 2017 and 2018, but finished fourth and seventh in those games, respectively.

Diamond League: Can Neeraj Chopra win Grand Finale?

 There are 2 reasons for that : 

  1. Anderson Peter of Granada is not going to be there in the Zurich Diamond League because he suffered an injury after being assaulted in a boat in Granada. Anderson Peter’s injury has put him out of the league final in Zurich.
  2. the only nearest contenders that Neeraj Chopra has is Julian Weber of Germany. For now both these competitors have not gotten the edge over Neeraj Chopra in the last couple of editions. 
Diamond League
Diamond League, Neeraj Chopra
  • Look at Jakub Vadlejch and Neeraj Chopra in all the 4 events prior to the Zurich Diamond League final, he has not gotten the better of Chopra be it Tokyo Olympics.
  • However what has happened in the past in diamond league  Vadlejch  has improved and he through 90 meters, so that is the reason why this guy is a very close contender.
  • Julian Weber on the other hand lacs that experience factor in these major events.
  • And what at stakes here a, Diamond League final win is very prestigious it is perhaps on bar with the World Athletics championship on top of that you get a wildcard for the next World athletics championship in 2023 in Budapest Hungary.

If you look at it, when Neeraj Chopra won Lausanne, he was the second Indian to actually register or if I say, finish in the top 3, along with Vikas Gowda, he had finished in the top 3 in four diamond leagues before. 
There’s plenty at stake.

 Where can you watch it?

Well, it’ll begin at 11:50 PM IST, which is when Neeraj Chopra’s event is going to begin. and can be watch on Voot Select.

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