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Why Colin de Grandhomme’s retirement controversial? 2022

Grandhomme has announced his retirement from international cricket and he will play in the Big Bash League. It’s actually not very similar to Trent Boult because, remember, Boult has been released from the central contract. He’s gone down the route of many other players, retiring altogether from international cricket and only focusing on T20 leagues. But why Colin de Grandhomme’s retirement worrying?

The debate has once again opened up the debate on whether international cricket is of prime importance or if our T20 leagues are going to be the future of this sport. The circumstances behind Grandhomme’s retirement are very very strange. Grandhomme’s retirement from international cricket came out, and he will play in the Big Bash League, but his big bash league deal itself was in a bit of a quandary.

Why he wanted to retire?

Why is it that he explained the reasons as to why he wanted to retire? He has a growing family and this point is very very important. Grandhomme is 36. He’s not getting any younger. He’s been plagued with injuries. Plus, there is an increase in competition when it comes to sports. In New Zealand cricket, this has meant that maybe Grandhomme saw the writing on the wall and he said “OK, I will announce my retirement from international cricket.”

Now the big bash league move is very very important. Look at the pay package that he will get in one season that he owns for New Zealand cricket alon. Inn oneseason,n he earns 350 USD approximately because he’s one of the regulars who plays all three formats, but look at how much you will learn when you play just one month of the BBL.

Remember, this edition of the BBL is going to be from December 13th to February 4th. He’s going to earn USD 260,000 in the big bash league. That is to underline that finance plays a big role in a player deciding what this feature is because, remember, New Zealand cricket is one of the bottom boards when it comes to pay.

Although they have made a very egalitarian move by ensuring that women and men are being paid equally, the amount of revenue that New Zealand cricket earns is very small.

Grandhomme's retirement
Colin de Grandhomme’s retirement

CDG’s Strange Dilemma

Now what was the strange dilemma that I was talking about when it comes to the big bash league? He was picked by Adelaide strikers and that pay bracket of  $260,000 is because he’s in the gold category, not in the platinum category. When it comes to the big bash league, remember there are platinum, gold, silver, and bronze categories, and each category has a fixed sum.

So Grandhomme was paid $260,000, according to USB. He was a centrally contracted player. Now, if you are a centrally contracted player, you have to get an NOC from the board to ensure that you participate in all the leagues. The big bash league did suddenly come into the picture and why was he picked for availability? The Adelaide Strikers were doing something that New Zealand cricket did not know about and today it was confirmed that dead random announcers’ retirement from international cricket was confirmed and now he’ll be totally available to play in the big bash league for the Adelaide Strikers.

It was a very strange dilemma. New Zealand cricket did not know. They released a statement saying they would talk with Grandhomme, and today we find out that Grandhomme has retired from international cricket. It’s pretty sad, but in the end, this had to happen.

He retired, saying that an injury and more competition were the main reasons. He said at the beginning that these were the main reasons. Why is it sad This comes just a month after Trent Boult made a shocker by saying he wanted New Zealand to release him from a central contract.

so that he can play in all the T20 leagues. In most of the T20 leagues, he can pick and choose his matches that he wants.

New Zealand won the ICC World Test Championship despite losing Boult and Grandhomme. And after Grandhomme’s retirement, they lost two of their stalwarts in less than a year and a half. 

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