Saurav Ganguly and Jay Shah are not going anywhere. SC Accepts Plea. 2022

The big breaking story that is coming from the world of cricket, specifically Indian cricket, is pertaining to the BCCI. To be precise, it was the much awaited verdict by the Supreme Court. And the Supreme Court has reached a consensus on the issue of what should happen to BCCI office bearers.

So it involves two very big people One is a former Indian captain, Saurav Ganguly, now the president of the BCCI, and the other is Jay Shah, the current secretary of the BCCI. Saurav Ganguly and Jay Shah will now be able to contest another election of the BCCI, which is due in September.

What’s the entrie matter?

In October 2019, BCCI gets its new president and secretary, Saurav Ganguly and Jay Shah, respectively. Remember, this was the first democratically elected BCCI committee in a long time. The Lodha committee had taken charge of the BCCI. Saurav and Jay Shah’s tenure was to end a year later in 2020 as per BCCI’s new constitution.

What happens now? Remember that when they were elected president and secretary, it was for a three-year term, but the new BCCI constitution stated that they could only serve for a year, until 2020, but they have served until now, in 2022. and now we will be able to continue further. How did they continue now? Because they can file an appeal in the Supreme Court, the matter can come under sub judice. That is why they could continue until 2022.

The BCCI’s redrafted constitution came into effect in 2018. What did that say? It says an office bearer had to go for a 3-year cooling off. So it was a combination of both if you were an administrator for 6 years in a row at the state level, such as the Delhi District Cricket Association or the Cricket Association of Bengal. If you were there for 6 years, that means you have to have a cooling off period of 3 years.

Saurav Ganguly has been secretary for the Cricket Association of Bengal since 2014. His tenure should have ended because he had been gone for about 5 years with the Bengal Cricket Association. He only had one year left at the BCCI.

In a similar case, Jay Shah has been the joint secretary of the Gujarat Cricket Association since 2014, so his six-year term will end in 2020. They took the matter to court, and it was a status quo, so because there was no decision taken by the court from 2020 till now, they just continued in that position. As I said, both had to start cooling off. In 2020, according to BCCI’s new constitution that was drafted by the Lodha Committee.

Saurav Ganguly and Jay Shah will continue

BCCI filed an appeal in the Supreme Court in 2019 after Sourav Ganguly-Jay Shah elected to want the cooling of time. After six consecutive years in one place, either a state association of the BCCI or a combination of both So the BCCI’s appeal was to look at six consecutive years but to do so separately. So, 6 years in the state should not be considered 6 years in the BCCI. The plea was heard first on the 13th, just before the BCCI election.

Saurav Ganguly and Jay Shah’s last 6 years for the state association don’t count. They will have a new six-year contract with BCCI. They also removed the age cap of 70 years. Earlier, there was a retirement at the age of 70.

Justice Chandrachud is once again hearing the matter. And he said, “Let’s have a separate 6 years for BCCI” which was earlier combined. Interestingly, BCCI’s legal counsel is Tushar Mehta, who is also the solicitor general of India for this case. A question will be asked of the solicitor general of India. How can he represent the BCCI?

The more things change, the more they remain the same.

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