4 Most Impressive NFL Teams

The 4 Most Impressive NFL Teams So far | NFL Week 2 Analysis

Week two is officially in the books and there are a lot of takeaways at this point in the season, both good and bad. There are teams that have outperformed their expectations relative to what they were supposed to be through two games. Here is NFL Week 2 Analysis and 4 most impressive NFL teams so far.

So far, there are teams that have performed about as well as you would have expected and others that have flat out underperformed. But in this article/post we are going to be focusing on the four most impressive teams throughout the first two weeks of the season. This by no means means they are in order, nor does this mean they are definitively the top four teams in the entire league at the moment. They are, to me, the 4 most impressive NFL teams throughout the first two weeks of the season relative to their expectations. Let’s talk about the 4 most impressive NFL team.

Philadelphia Eagles

When we talk about 4 Most Impressive NFL Teams, This team should be in the list. The Eagles played very well against the Detroit Lions in week one, but they made their fair share of mistakes, as every team does in every game. The question heading into week two against the Minnesota Vikings it was very much well how many points will the Vikings be able to put up against them and Jonathan Gannon is not a good defensive coordinator and the whole nine.

4 Most Impressive NFL Teams

And the reality is Gannon called an absolute hell of a game against the Vikings on Monday night. the Eagles offense picked apart the Vikings defense on top of it the thing that scares me most for opponents when facing Philadelphia Eagles is they will wear you down over the course of a game.

The offensive line is led by Jason Kelce Lane Johnson and Jordan Mailata and one of the more unfortunate things about living in the social media era is everyone’s highs and lows are posted all the time as a professional athlete.

They ran for over 160 yards in week two against the Vikings and a lot of the time on Monday night the Vikings weren’t even making initial contact with an Eagles ball carrier until they were three plus yards beyond the line of scrimmage meaning the offensive line was getting such a push in playing bully ball so much that there was nothing the Vikings could do all night .

But one of the most frustrating things to watch your team go through is getting their asses handed to them and knowing they are getting their asses handed to him and there’s nothing you can do about it So it wasn’t surprising to me when Detroit and Philadelphia came down to a field goal. There is no doubt that this team is in the list of 4 Most Impressive NFL Teams.

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Tampa Bay Buccaneers – One of 4 Most Impressive NFL Teams

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We are starting with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers because of the attention Tom Brady naturally gets because of who he is. They are not on this list because of Tom. They are on this list because they have been downright dominant on defence through the first two games and they are legitimate Super Bowl contenders.

They have allowed just 13 points in two games, while they have only put up 39 points in those two games. They have won by double digits each week and have forced six turnovers, which ranks third in the NFL behind only the Buffalo Bills and the LA Rams. It truly is a no-fly zone against Tampa this year, as they have allowed just 379 yards passing in the last two games. And the quarterbacks they’ve played against so far, which are Dak Prescott for the majority of a game and, of course, Jameis Winston, have a combined 1 to 4 TD to INT ratio against them.

This is extremely encouraging for Tampa, especially with their Week 2 performance, because in a lot of ways, this was a game they needed to win. Not because they may be knocked out of the playoffs already if they lose to the New Orleans Saints or that their season will be over. But because the Saints have gone 4-0 against the Bucks in the regular season since Tom signed with them in March of 2020. They needed to get the monkey off of their back in a big way, and they did just that. They are definitely one of 4 Most Impressive NFL teams.

Miami Dolphins

If we are talking about 4 Most Impressive NFL Teams, then this team should be in the list. Let’s discuss the Miami Dolphins, who entered this season as a team on the outside looking in. They started the 2021 regular season with a 1-7 record, then battled all the way back to finish the season with a 9-8 record. I had my doubts going into this year because they beat teams like the Mike Glennon-led Giants down the stretch of the 2021 season.

So far, the biggest question I had with Mike McDaniel was how quickly would they be able to adjust to having him as their head coach? And how quickly would the system be able to be successfully implemented? And that’s the key word, not just implemented but successfully implemented. Based on Kyle Shanahan’s track record, which Mike McDaniel coached under for over a decade, it usually takes a few years, but Miami did not have a few years to wait.

Tua Tagovailoa is very much in a proven year. They traded a lot of capital for Tyreek Hill and paid him over 100 million dollars, and they signed tackle Terron Armstead for a lot of money on top of all of this.

They are 2-0 after falling behind the Baltimore Ravens by a score of 28-7 at halftime. Tyreek Hill and Jaylen Waddle each had career days in what will probably be the peak of this duo in a single game. They each had double digit receptions, 170 yards and two touchdowns, and that is truly a historic game for a receiving duo. They are an underrated unit and a team I like very much moving forward.

Buffalo Bills

The Buffalo Bills are up next in the list of 4 Most Impressive NFL Teams, and first and foremost, we wish corner Dane Jackson the best of luck in his recovery, and we obviously won’t show the play but wish him the best moving forward, but Buffalo has been everything as advertised and then some, and they were my pre-season pick to win the Super Bowl, and that looks pretty good.

So far, they’ve scored 72 points to 17 for their opponents, and the teams they’ve faced include the defending Super Bowl champion Los Angeles Rams and the AFC’s defending number one seed. The Tennessee Titans have not looked like they belong on the same field as Buffalo. That’s how dominant they’ve been. It’s only been two weeks but Josh Allen would be my MVP through the first two games of the season.

They have one of the best offenses in the NFL. They also have one of the best defenses in the NFL and they, along with everyone else, know it. The thing with Buffalo’s offence is let’s say your game plan heading in defensively is to take away Stefan Dick.

They can throw it to Gabe Davis or Jamison Crowder or even spread everyone out in an empty set and have the defense try and stop a six foot five 240 pound man running full speed at them in Josh Allen, the only true talent on this offence is that none of their running backs are elite, and you can certainly make the case that they are not. Buffalo’s running backs aren’t that good, but they do their job efficiently. They’ve run for over a hundred yards as a team in both games so far and that is a trend I expect to continue, this team should be there in 4 Most Impressive NFL Teams in future as well.

Not only that, but Dawson Knox has just five catches for 46 yards in two games. They’ve put up 72 points without featuring a player they just gave a 50 plus million dollar extension to and that’s not concerning at all as much as it is to say this is how loaded their offence is The Bills lead the league in scoring through two games.

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