United reach agreement to sign Antony!

United reach agreement to sign Antony! Premier League – 2022

One of the longest projected transfer sagas of the 2022 football transfer window has finally come to a close. And that is because Manchester United have finally got the man that they’ve been chasing for quite a while. And that is none other than this man, Antony. Manchester United reach agreement to sign Antony! They had been chasing the Brazilian winger throughout the summer. In fact, there were a lot of contrasting reports as to their interest. Because they were legitimately interest for one point then the interest will off however once it became clear that reinforcements were needed their interest heated back up again.

And now, as it turns out, they have officially confirmed that they have signed the Brazilian winger for up to €100 million. That’s right, 100 million euros could very well be the price Manchester United pay. Why are Manchester United so compelled to pay this much money for someone who, to the larger football world, wouldn’t really be all that well known?

Antony in Eredivisie and UCL:

If you’re unfamiliar with Anthony, I would totally understand that he’s only spent two seasons playing European football. It’s not one of the most watched leagues in the world. However, he has done relatively well in the Champions League as well, so that’s why, if you want a basic idea of what he brings to the table, let’s just take a quick look at the stats.

Chances Created92

What exactly does he bring to the table?

I understand what you must be thinking Why is it that just two seasons of football have prompted a club like United to pay up to €100 million for this guy?

As it turns out, there is a lot of potential there. It’s, of course, very very young and no one is near the finished product, but the potential is there and It’s also worth noting that Antony was working with Eric Turner, the current manager of Manchester United. So obviously, there’s a familiar bond in there as well.

Profile and Style Of Play : Position – Right wing, Preferred foot – Left, Style of play – Good Dribble, creator over Goal scorer. That is the reason Man United reach agreement to sign Antony!

United reach agreement to sign Antony!

Why United reach agreement to sign Antony?

Positionally speaking, he plays on the right wing. That has been a problem area for United for quite a while. He’s left-footed, so he has a wonderful left foot and can get some wonderful crosses and shots off.

  • Fills United’s right wing void.
  • Knows Ten Hag’s style of play well.
  • At 22 year old has age on his side.

One option that could open up for Antony to wear is the famous number seven. Cristiano Ronaldo has been linked with a move away.

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