Vinesh gets a bronze, World Championship Belgrade, 2022

Vinesh gets a bronze, but she was sad! World Championship Belgrade, 2022

I think we all know how important it is for a wrestler to win a medal. We all celebrate when it happens, and the wrestler is satisfied because of his or her dedication and hard work, but what we witnessed this time was different. Vinesh gets a bronze but, Vinesh Phogat was sad even after winning bronze. She said she could have won the gold. Imagine how badly she wanted this to happen. I think she is a role model for all of us. We all remember the Phogat sisters and their contribution to India, but now new players are also making us proud.

This post is simply to express our gratitude to her. Let’s just all support our athletes.

Vinesh gets a bronze, World Championship Belgrade, 2022

The Commonwealth Games 2022, which were held this year, showed how well Vinesh did. She won a gold medal at the Commonwealth Games. Vinesh now has the bronze medal from the World Championship. With this medal, Vinesh became the first woman from India to win two medals in wrestling at the World Championships. 
But even with this record, Vinesh is disappointed that she didn’t win gold or silver at the World Championships. She has said that she got her periods before going to Belgrade for the championship. She was thinking of a lot of things. She also had to lose weight so she could fit into the 53 kg weight category. She stopped eating and drinking so that she would be in the right weight group. She lost her first match, 7-0, to Mongolian wrestler Khulan Batkhuyag because of this.

She lost in the first round, and Vinesh talked to the Indian Express about what was going on. And I think she is very brave to talk about her problems. 
She said, “I don’t know if I’m lucky that I got a chance to rep, but it’s bad luck that I got my periods right before the tournament, also when I was eating less.” 
Vinesh said that sometimes it would have been better if she had been a boy instead of a girl. This statement of hers shocked us. Because sometimes it is sad for female wrestlers to compete like this. She took pills to stop her periods for the first time, but they came while she was in Dubai. She felt like all of her hard work over the last 10 months had gone in vain.

Thanks note from Vinesh Phogat – Instagram

Vinesh gets a bronze

“While I have been privileged to receive overwhelming love and praise from all quarters after my gold medal in Birmingham, I wanted to say a special thanks to a whole lot of people who have stuck with me when things weren’t so pleasant. It is the support of these countless people, sticking with me through all the tough times, that I value above everything else. 💕💞

It wasn’t particularly easy for me after the Tokyo Olympics, one thing that definitely kept me going were the many emails from people I had never met that offered generous encouragement and showed genuine care. I would like to believe that my gold at the Commonwealth Games was the first step in my journey of repaying the love, trust, care, and encouragement that I have been extremely privileged to receive, not just now, but through all the ups and downs of my wrestling career. 🤗🙌

I would like to thank each and every person who spared their valuable time to send me a message or email at that difficult time and for strengthening the belief that I have still much to offer to India on the wrestling mat..!!! 🇮🇳🫶🙌🙏🙏”

Furthermore, she spoke up and said, “I did my best, didn’t leave anything behind, but sometimes you lose courage, which is something that all female athletes go through.”

Vinesh Fought Back!

Vinesh didn’t give up hope, even after all this. after losing to Key Wrestler of Mongolia in the first match. 
Vinesh got a chance to compete in the repechage round, where she faced Jonna Denise, who had won a silver medal at the Asian Games. Vinesh won this match by pinning Denise.

In the second match, her opponent was hurt. Here, Vinesh got a walk-over. In the third and final match for the medal, Vinesh played the European champion, who was known for playing a defensive game in this match. Vinesh hurt her knee, but she kept fighting through it and won the match. India won by a score of 3–0 and brought India a bronze medal.

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