After their third loss of the season, the new owners of Chelsea sacked manager Thomas Tuchel

By: ViralPandu


Chelsea's form has been very up and down in recent times and they haven't quite had the consistency that is required from a top club to be challenging for top owners.


Chelsea is likely to ask Brighton for permission to talk to Graham later on Wednesday. They also want to talk to Mauricio Pochettino and Zinedine , both of whom are out of work.


The owners think they had a good window and that a new manager will help the players do even better. They've been worried for a while and have been looking into other choices.


Tuchel has said a lot about how ready the team is to compete, starting with his fiery words after the 4-0 loss to Arsenal on the club's US tour.


He left the club with 2 trophies, the European Super Cup and the Club World Cup, last year. He won 2nd Champions League, so there was an expectation that he would be given time.


Right now, the coaching staff have been placed in charge on an internal basis, and they will take charge until the clubhouse is successfully able to appoint a new head coach.


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