Ravindra Jadeja Knee Injury Update

By: ViralPandu


Ravindra Jadeja updated his Instagram followers on the status of his injured knee. Also he posted this photo on Instagram.


Following a successful surgery, he expressed optimism about a speedy recovery and a return to cricket.


Because of his injury, the Indian team had to make changes in the composition. Can he recover and play for the T20 world cup?


The T20 World Cup is only 45 days away. However, the Indian cricket team's plans for the t20 World Cup could still include him.


The deadline for announcing the Indian team squad for the T20 world cup is September 15, 2022. Under exceptional circumstances, the team can take one week's extension.


We can all hope, by miracle, that he recovers soon, because India needs Jadeja, the all-rounder, in the T20 world cup.


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